Liquor Compliance Analysis

Liquor-alcohol compliance checks by a dram shop expert

What’s really going on in your business?

You may think you know how liquor sales and service are being handled in your business, but you may be in for a shock. What really happens when you’re not there to see it? Even video surveillance can’t tell the whole story if it can’t pick up audio.

Alcohol retailers are expected to respect and enforce the law as required by their specific licensing requirements. You can’t afford to wait until you’re in legal hot water to find and address liquor compliance problems.

Liquor compliance issues can include:
  • Sales or service to minors
  • Failing to check IDs
  • Inability to spot fake IDs
  • Serving intoxicated customers
  • Employee drinking
  • Negligent Supervision
  • Negligent Hiring
  • Negligent Management

Know the law.

It is important to know and fully understand the laws that apply to your business when it comes to alcohol sales.

Liquor license laws include when and where liquor may be served, the amount that can be served, how much it may be served for, and to whom it may be served. It is very common to have further specified protocols in restaurants such as limits on drinks per customer, zero discounts on drinks, and to have unfinished bottles of wine to remain in the restaurant. There may be several license classes depending on how alcoholic beverages are sold.

Stay in compliance.

Most states conduct liquor compliance checks. They may or may not include advance notice to establishments when a compliance check will happen.

The only way you can really be sure whether or not your business will pass a liquor compliance check is to be proactive. Dram Shop Forensics can conduct a detailed analysis of your business, employees and servers to observe and discover problems that could leave you vulnerable to fines, losing your liquor license and civil liability.