Dram Shop Expert Witness

Dram Shop Expert Witness TestimonyTestimony from an alcohol industry authority.

Elizabeth Trendowski is widely recognized as a leading dram shop expert in responsible alcohol training, service and retailing. As the president of Dram Shop Forensics, she provides litigation support, expert witness services, and forensic consulting in alcohol related injury and death lawsuits involving alcoholic beverage service, sale, and consumption.

Liz has 25 years of experience in the liquor and hospitality industry, as well as extensive experience developing and providing responsible alcohol training to establishments, retail outlets and individual employees/servers, as well as to police officers and military security staff. She can testify regarding the Standards of Care and the foreseeability of events such as those occurring based upon the establishment’s alcohol awareness training, sale and service policies, management and hiring practices and security protocols.

Objective testimony for plaintiff or defense.

Dram Shop Forensics believes in the objective presentation of the facts and uses past & present experience with the liquor industry nationwide to explain at presentations for law enforcement and in civil hearings as to the safest practices a liquor-serving venue should follow and what the standard requires them to adhere to.

While many dram shop/liquor liability cases stem from the irresponsible or illegal sale and service of alcohol, the liquor industry is heavily regulated, and many purveyors follow legal Standard of Care and training procedures.

Dram Shop Forensics provides dram shop expert witness testimony for cases involving:

  • Bars, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, resorts, social host, business parties & hazings
  • Personal injury & property damage that involve alcohol as a causative factor
  • Management, training & service policies & procedures
  • Premise security training & procedures
  • Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) levels & metabolism factors
  • Signs & effects of intoxication & acute alcohol poisoning